Il-Knisja f'Għawdex

Cittadella Cathedral

The Cathedral of the Assumption in Victoria, Gozo is the main church in Gozo, Malta. It serves as the cathedral of the Diocese of Gozo, making it the seat of the bishop. The center of Iċ-Ċittadella has been the place of worship since the Borg in-Nadur phase of Maltese history, around 2500 BC. It has […]

Rabat Don Bosco Oratory

The Don Bosco Oratory in Victoria, Gozo, is situated in the capital city of the island, is a specific example of anOratory. Following the principles of Saint John Bosco, this youth center in Victoria offers a secure and nurturing environment for young individuals. These activities aim to facilitate comprehensive growth by providing a range of […]

St George’s Basilica

St. George’s Parish stands as one of Gozo’s oldest parishes, located on a site where an early Christian community once thrived. It proudly exhibits a collection of Gozo’s most revered sacred artworks, earning it the fitting title of “Gozo’s Golden Basilica.” The Basilica features an impressive baroque architectural style with intricate details and ornate decorations. […]

Kercem Parish Church

Ta’ Kerċem’ is believed to have coalesced into a village community during the late Middle Ages, it blossomed around a chapel devoted to Pope Gregory the Great, erected circa 1581. However, archaeological revelations have shown that the area of Ta’ Kerċem was inhabited for much longer, showcasing traces of Roman Baths and an early Christian […]

Santa Lucija Chapel

Santa Luċija, a hamlet in Kerċem on Gozo Island, exudes charm and tradition. Its heart is the church that shares its name, a testament to its humble origins. The chapel’s dedication to St. Lucy was noted in 1575 by inquisitor Pietro Dusina. Santa Luċija is home to country folk villagers, with quaint houses encircling the […]

Fontana Parish Church

Fontana parish stands as the sole sanctuary devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The foundation stone was laid on January 29, 1893. It showcases several artworks, including 2 paintings by Giuseppe Cali, Silvio Galimberti, Lazzaro Pisani, Paul Camilleri Cauchi, and Robert Caruana Dingli. The shrine is notable for ‘ganutell’ bouquets and delicate laceworks, which […]

Sannat Parish Church

Being one of the ancient inhabited localities on the island of Gozo, Ta’ Sannat was also one of the earliest parishes to be established in Gozo. It was erected in 1688 along with three others. An old chapel dedicated to St Margaret of Antioch served as the first parish church. To accommodate the ever growing […]