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FONTANA PARISH CHURCH - Sacred Heart of Jesus & Saint Andrew

The Parish / Church

Fontana parish stands as the sole sanctuary devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The foundation stone was laid on January 29, 1893. It showcases several artworks, including 2 paintings by Giuseppe Cali, Silvio Galimberti, Lazzaro Pisani, Paul Camilleri Cauchi, and Robert Caruana Dingli. The shrine is notable for 'ganutell' bouquets and delicate laceworks, which offers a tranquil setting for the visitors. The Parish was established on March 27, 1911, by Bishop Giovanni Maria Camilleri.

Legend/interesting fact

The charming Fontana parish church stands as a testament to the devotion of a humble community. It was meticulously constructed and adorned by a small group of dedicated fishermen and their families. These individuals, driven by unwavering faith, contributed a portion of their hard-earned income each month and also dedicated countless hours of voluntary manual labour.

Main religious festivities (eg village feast)

The main festivities centre on two significant events: the titular June celebration paying tribute to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and the feast of Saint Andrew, the patron of the parish and beloved protector of fishermen, highlighting his essential role in safeguarding both the parish and the lives of those who rely on the unpredictable sea. This feast is observed on the Sunday nearest to November 30th whilst the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrated in June. These main festivities hold deep cultural and spiritual meaning, uniting the community in vibrant displays of devotion and heritage.

Specific noteworthy art/religious pieces

Noteworthy artistic and religious pieces at the location include Giuseppe Cali’s titular depiction of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Saint Michael the Archangel, Silvio Galimberti’s Agony of Saint Joseph, as well as works by Lazzaro Pisani, Robert Caruana Dingli, and Paul Camilleri Cauchi.

The Patron Saint & the Titular Statue

The main titular sculpture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a creation of Agostino (Wistin) Camilleri in 1923, stands as a focal point. Similarly, the 1909 statue of Saint Andrew, sculpted by Karlu Mallia, holds distinct significance.

Directions to Fontana Parish Church

Fontana Parish Church
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