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The Parish / Church

St. George's Parish stands as one of Gozo's oldest parishes, located on a site where an early Christian community once thrived. It proudly exhibits a collection of Gozo's most revered sacred artworks, earning it the fitting title of "Gozo's Golden Basilica." The Basilica features an impressive baroque architectural style with intricate details and ornate decorations. It is known for its grand facade, beautiful interior, and stunning artwork. Inside, visitors can admire magnificent frescoes, marble sculptures, gilded altars, and a magnificent dome. The basilica also houses several chapels dedicated to different saints. 

Legend/interesting fact

A well-liked story has become woven into the history of this church. It’s about the ringing bell that signals the ‘tal-Borma’ Mass at 11 am each day. Many people connect this story to a special ‘mensa’ where food was given to the island’s poor from the church.

Main religious festivities (eg village feast)

The primary celebrations take place in July, dedicated to St. George. The titular feast is observed on the third Sunday of the month. A complete week of events unfolds within the Basilica and along Victoria’s main streets. This vibrant period follows an entire month of concerts (Victoria International Arts Festival). The month-long musical celebration paves the way for the bustling week, which culminates in the lively festivities honouring St. George.

Specific noteworthy art/religious pieces

The 1839 titular statue of St. George, sculpted by Pietru Pawl, holds significance. Also noteworthy is the 1678 titular altarpiece of St. George, a creation by Mattia Preti. The adorned bronze canopy crowns the main altar, adding to the splendour.

The Patron Saint & the Titular Statue

St George, a Christian martyr from the late fourth century, was beheaded in 303 AD under Emperor Diocletian. He’s venerated as a significant martyr in both East and West Christendom. Likely introduced by the Byzantines, his cult took root in Gozo. The inaugural processional titular statue in Gozo, carved by Maltese sculptor Pietru Pawl Azzopardi in 1839, stands as a splendid art piece. This masterpiece initiated the tradition of carrying titular statues during feast day processions in Gozo.

Directions to St George's Basilica

St George’s Basilica
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