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Xagħra Jesus of Nazareth Church

The Parish / Church

The Nazzarenu Church was built in the early 1900s and was designed by Rev. Joseph Diacono, the Archpriest of Xagħra at the time, with support and encouragement from Treasurer Canon Francis Sultana. Canon Sultana became the first rector of the church, serving for 17 years. The building process was entrusted to Ġużepp Azzopardi from Xagħra and Luigi Vella from Żebbuġ. Local residents offered financial assistance, aided in transporting building materials, and contributed to the construction itself, even selling their fields to fund the project during challenging economic times. Distinct in Gozo, this is the sole church dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth. Its design encompassed a central hall housing a main altar and two side altars, each adorned with a painting. The primary artwork by Lazzaro Pisani portrays Jesus of Nazareth presented before Pilate, accentuated by cherubic figures and grieving angels bearing eucharistic or passion symbols. The artist drew inspiration from an image of Jesus of Nazareth in the church of Santa Maria in Monticelli, Rome, reputed to move its eyes in 1854. Additional paintings within the church include Lazzaro Pisani's portrayal of the Holy Family and Ġanni Vella's depiction of Saint Anne instructing Mary in prayer. Other artworks encompass ten depictions of apostles by Virginio Monti, along with those of Saint Peter and Saint Paul by Giuseppe Calì.On November 15, 1931, Bishop Michael Gonzi consecrated the church. Subsequent renovations and reforms took place over the years, including painting, gilding, restoration, and liturgical hall adjustments in line with the Second Vatican Council's directives. A new altar was consecrated by Bishop Nikol G. Cauchi on September 14, 2004. The renewal project of the ‘Ċentru Pastorali Ġesù Nazzarenu Xagħra’ (Jesus of Nazareth Pastoral Centre, Xagħra) commenced in 2015, alongside the establishment of a Night Shelter for the elderly, inaugurated by Bishop Mario Grech on September 29, 2018. From 2020 to 2022, an endeavour to cleanse and renovate the church's exterior walls was executed, accompanied by the reconstruction and paving of the church parvis, complemented by a new recreation hall below. 

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Xagħra Jesus of Nazareth Church
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